The following are the original (nearly) unaltered liner notes.

While sitting around snapping our fingers, playing our clavicals and not really concentrating, we measured the days work pressures on conveyors. Perhaps this is why the album was a three year project, why none of it ever got out before.* Despite damage to the Palace of Living Bongos, production proceeded behind schedule. There you have it. Still, we can hold the waistline below the bustline and above the timberline.

* Le Forte Four began as a nameless association between Rick Potts and Chip Chapman. In 1973, Joe Potts, Rick Potts and Chip merged temporarily with Patients. The threesome coagulated into the Los Angeles Free Music Society in 1974 for the production of Ka-Bella-Binski-Bungo. LAFMS became Le Forte Four in 1975, and later that year Tom Potts was absorbed into the company.


"SIDE A" 1. KA-BELLA-CHA-CHA Chip, electronics and dialogue; Rick, dialogue and turning the wrong knob; Joe, silent piano. The melody, written and orchestrated by Rick, drifts through specific time values as Rick attempts adjustments of Chip's Buchla programming by turning the wrong knob. This song was originally produced under the sanction of the LAFMS (ask Joe about it). It is part of the epochal Ka-Bella-Binsky-Bungo. 1973.

2. SOME PROBLEM WITH THE CORD OR SOMETHING Chip, his guitar cord shorts out causing electrical feedback which was recorded at "0" db; Chip speaks his reaction; Rick, sax valves and imitation Yoko Ono vocal sounds. This recording documents an event which occurred in B-303 (CIA) in 1974. It is typical of plugging in noises at a Sunday night recording session.

3. KA-BELLA-BINSKY-BUNGO (excerpt) Prelude: JOE'S FIRST BUBBLE SOUNDS. Theme: KA-BELLA MELODY Chip, projector, electronics, dialogue, vocals; Rick, plastic violin, dialogue, motor noises, duck lips, and boogie talk; Joe, Buchla (prelude), plastic violin, avant vocals, throat music, silent piano; Tom, garbled background bikini vocals; and the whole Ka-Bella-Binsky crowd. Sections of live Ka-Bella tape are combined with different sections of the same piece which have had tracks added by Chip and Joe. There are no existent versions of the original material. 1973.

4. GOOD WORKER Chip, electronics. This piece, composed and arranged by Chip, features the HEW film of the same name as altered by the B-303 projector and tape delay ("To make it sound like the Starlite Drive-In Theater"-Chip). 1975.

5. AYE MA MA (I'M AMOK) excerpt from material found by Chip at the Saugus Swapmeet. 1975.

6. MEANWHILE BACK AT THE TULIP BOAT, STINKY AND GUS MAKE WARPLANES Another KBBB fragment, this one features dialogue by Rick and Chip. Splicing and electronics by Chip. 1973. + YOUR LIVING CONSTITUTION (DIES) Chip, Buchla. A study for the uncompleted "American Landscapes" by Chip. The source material is a Union 76 collectors record purchased by Chip at PooBah Records in Pasadena. 1975.

7. BEFORE DOCKING IN SPACE Chip, electronics. White noise with filter by Chip. 1974.

8. CANDY WRAPPER BLUES Chip, candy wrapper; Rick, sax; Joe, unknown instrument (Martian Tunesnooteck); Tom, drinking beer. Recorded live in B-303 (CIA). 1975. + A LITTLE SLOPPY STILL Chip, plastic bag, dialogue; Rick, dialogue. This excerpt from "IÕm Dreaming of a White Xmas" features Silvertone hum (60 cycles). 1974).

9. BIKINI TENNIS SHOES (one pair) Overture: STAR SPANGLED SPRING RITES Chip, electric guitar, vocals; Steve Jackson, electric bass; Steve Braunstein (special guest from N.Y.) Contra Baboon. Recorded live in the Music Hall (CIA) at 3 in the morning 2/8/74, after everyone else went home. Main Theme: BIKINI TENNIS SHOES Chip, electronics, vocals; Rick, plastic violin, vocals; Tom, vocals. The synthesized miracle of multi-track reality made the production of this song (composed by the group in 1975) possible.

10. JOE'S NOSE SOLO Chip, rhythm guitar, editing; Rick, electric piano; Joe, nose; Tom, snare drum, slide guitar. It erupted spontaneously through Joe's nasal cavity in a recording session and was subsequently altered to its present form. 1975.

11. SONG OF THE ELECTRIC DRILL Chip, Echoplex, arranging; Rick, vocals; Steve Nash, piano. This piece was created despite the supervision of William Waddleton, SGHS, in 1972. Echoplex, courtesy of Pedrini Music. Special thanks to Donald Sickler.

12. I CAN'T EVEN THINK Bill Dunn, dialogue. An outtake from Chip's soundtrack for a movie by Bill. 1974. + ON THE DAWNING OF A GIANT FACE Chip, guitar; Rick, sax, vocals; Joe, electric piano, vocals. Written by Joe, remembered by Rick. 1973. + JOE'S DEAD/BOZO'S MARRIAGE/TWINKLE Tim Chapman, announcer and Priest; Chip, electronics (on Twinkle). Featuring Harry "Duke" Simmons as dead Joe Hedge. 1972.

13. WHAT DO YOU DO, RADIATOR? Chip, electric guitar, Buchla, vocals; Rick, plastic violin, vocals; Joe, vocals; Tom, vocals. This piece arose mysteriously during a Sunday night session. 1975. + THE GROCERY STORE IS MY HEAVEN Chip, electric guitar; Rick, sax; Joe, Univox; Steve Jackson, electric bass; Bill Dunn, missing vocals. A version of this tune would have appeared in the soundtrack of a movie, but Bill couldn't find the vegetable market where he was to be shot. 1974.

14. FADE IT OUT Chip, electric guitar, vocals; Rick, vocals; Tom, vocals; with mystery tapping noises. Note the real acoustic reverberation! There is something you don't hear very often on an electronic album. 1975.


15. THE POPE SPEAKS From the Pope's opening ceremonies observing the beginning of the Holy Year 1950. Transcribed by Rick and Tom. 1975. "Thank you for carrying me across to the sensuous intensely orphans immensely. The scallop of She-She on the sockets all omnibus. Peculiarly small malt poured tuna the dent to. Duke University toured our morbid Christianity. Spirituality boosts the restaurant, he's sick Chris at the saw rays. No sermon of the sewer is beyond avocado."

16. CRANK UP THE KIDS Chip, electric guitar, screaming feedback (Ampex style); Rick, sax, toy xylophone; Joe, piano. Arranged by L-44, 1974. Special thanks to Ampex 4-track with sel-sync.

17. BONGO MADNESS Chip, record, electric guitar, electronics; Rick, sax, dialogue; Joe dialogue. At its premiere playing (CIA TAPES II) the tape recorder was turned off by fellow student composer Walter Harvey before the piece was completed. 1974.







This segment was taken from the "Swedish Version", which was accepted and then later rejected from an electronic music festival in Hovikkoden, Norway. Hal Clark, in his rejection notice to the group, comments, "Free ears and minds are one thing, but what about aesthetics?" Ka-Bella-Binsky-Bungo's premiere finally took place in 1974 during a poetry reading at U.C. Riverside. It was greeted with silence by a small audience. A tip of the Dodger cap to F.Z. for loaning Larry (Louie?). No thanks to Ingram Marshall for hiding the duck call, taking most of the tape machines and two reels. Chip, vocals, electronics, tape distortions, dialogue; Rick, vocals, stupid jingle-bells, paper, mike stands, dialogue; Joe, vocals, piano, Revox tape-delay antics, dialogue, some of his noises; with Clutch Cargo and friends (public domain). Ka-Bella-Binsky-Bungo, a version of which this excerpt was taken from, was originally to be the title of this album. However, the group decided that nobody would be able to remember that title and opted for the more commercial one that it now bears. None-the-less, it remains the solid foundation from which Le Forte Four has grown.

19. STEVEN, STEVEN Chip, electrically altered voice. This ballad of Steve Nash was dreamt, written, and recorded by Chip within a 10 hour period of time. 1975.

20. SONNET Tom, dialogue. This poem was written so that when it was played backwards it would have the structure of a Shakespearean sonnet. 1975.

21. BALLAD DE FORTE FOUR Chip, bass, on electric guitar; Rick, dialogue and sax; Joe, piano; Tom, modified snare drum. This traditional song by John Lennon and Saul McBongobuck was arranged by L-44. 1975.

22. IT'S RAINING BONGOS Chip, bongos, vocals, accordion; Rick, bongos, vocals; Joe, bongos, tinker toy mallets, vocals. Written by Rick in 1974 and arranged by L-44. Special thanks to William "Smokey" Dunn for loaning us his aunt's accordion.

23. THEY ARE ASLEEP Chip, defective electric rhythm guitar; Rick sax; Joe, bass; Susan Farthing, rhythm flute; Dan Weiss, 2nd base, Mystery Drummer (Jay Ross), drums. A group composition (everyone has something to say). This one was recorded live and unrehearsed in the Potts' living-room during a practice with Patients for the "Job" which took place at Ethel's Tempura in Alhambra. It was also rejected from the Swedish electronic music festival. 1973.

24. MUSIC HALL BOOTLEG (excerpt) Chip, aside comments, electric guitar; Rick, probably downstairs; Joe, piano (Steve Reich style), putting on record; Karen Kato, Waynna Kato, Carolyn Kawaye, silent on assorted styles of miscellaneous mischievous instruments; Steve Jackson, bass. Special thanks to Kato's aunt for use of Kato's Koto. More special thanks to Mr. X in the office for giving us the key to the Music Hall. 1974.

25. PAINTING THE ROSES RED Chip, guitar and electronics; Rick, sax; Joe, guitar; Tom, piano. We thought we'd lost this old favorite, but stumbled upon it in a batch of misplaced tapes during the compilation of this disc. 1975.

26. ENOUGH FUN Chip, electric guitar, vocals; Rick, vocals; Joe, vocals. L-44. 1974. "Backwards tape is just another form of mechanical master-invasion"- Ardent Carbuncle

+ THAT FEEDBACK AGAIN Rick picks up Chip's guitar and holds it directly in front of a Silvertone amp (attractively located in a fake guitar case). 1974.

Le Forte Four wishes to thank:

CUNNINGHAM PRESS, Alhambra (Fine print job); CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF THE ARTS/WALT DISNEY (they had a dream); JOHN PAYNE (for his tolerance); LEE HAMBRO (for the use of the fake studio). All questions and/or comments and/or communiques may be addressed to Bikini Fan Club "Wrecksus Bogus"- Mahavishnu


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