1. THEY ARE ASLEEP (GRANDIOSE NORWAY VERSION) It was the summer of 73. The garage was too hot. The living-room was just right. There were chocolate chip cookies and cold rootbeer (and a warm bowl). This cut shows why we didn't go in the rock and roll direction. Time passes. This was recorded to see if unsuspecting listeners might be able to accept us as a high school hop band. Chip always liked this tape, but it still causes stomach rumbles in Rick and Joe, who were horrified when Chip resurrected it some months later for a music festival.This longer version was sent to the Norway Electronic Music Festival, along with Ka-Bella-Binski-Bungo, under the name "East Los Angeles Free Music Society". The name "Le Forte Four" arrived sometime after this recording.

2. CMIX Chip's "C section" mix (with elements from that part of his record collection) features the shouted marching orders which were used later in "Orbit".

3. GETTING AHEAD/ORBIT Chip edited together hundreds of elements into this soundtrack for an animated film , GETTING AHEAD, in which a tiny running man is passed by many strange characters and is finally smashed by a safe. Each character in the film has its own multi-layered theme. ORBIT is the soundtrack for an animated film, which features endlessly marching feet around a creamy geometric center. + PAINTING THE ROSES RED (ORIGINAL AND UNCUT) Don Buchla's Series 200 Electric Music Box miraculously decomposing a bombastic L-44 jam session. One of Rick's best sax solos ever. 1975. Chip:guitar and electronics, Rick: sax, Joe: guitar, Tom: piano

4. MUSIC FOR GAMELAN AND SYNTHESIZER It is a safe thing to note that Terry Riley and Steve Reich were major influences. It was also A BIG DEAL to combine the Electric Music Box with the Balanese Orchestra or Gamelan. A couple of the musicians were not crazy about this. This recording of the rehearsal was, typically, much better than the performance. 1975. Chip: synthesizer, Joe: sequencer trigger-man. Featuring the Cal Arts Gamelan Orchestra.

5. MICROZONE Imagine a journey into psycho-microphysiological space, ala Monsanto. This is L-44's soundtrack for an animated film by David Blum, 1977. Chip: ABS pipe, harp, Buchla 200 filtration, Rick: ABS pipe, musical saw, harp, Tom, ABS pipe, musical saw, finger piano, Joe: ABS pipe

6. JAPANESE SUPER HEROES Join us in this this tribute to Japanese popular culture. JSH was recorded as the soundtrack for a living room operetta performed at Bob Wallace's surprise birthday party, Dec. 30, 1976. Can you hear the Chinese? Dedicated to Waynna Kato.

7. SMIX Ruthlessly utilizing Imaginary Landscape #12, a Cage score for tapes, Chip adapts the "S" section of his record collection to rules of his own creation. Spring '74, Cal Arts. Special thanks to Peter Cohen. Chip: Buchla 200, tapes, snippy.

8. SUBURBAN MAGIC (ELECTROLUX VERSION) Practicing Suburban Magic, with the Electric Music Box processing it. Featuring Steven Braunstein on bassoon and Steve Jackson on bass (leaked onto the end.). Recorded at Cal Arts in 1975.

9. SUBURBAN MAGIC Chip's score gives new meaning to the phrase "garage band". This flight of fancy thru the kitchens and yards of suburban L.A., is actually a practice for a performance given at Cal Arts, Spring '75. Shears courtesy Farthing Tools. Chip, Tom, Joe, Rick: radios, rake, shears, electric blenders, electric ice crusher, eggbeater, electric can opener, vocals. Chip, Susan Tom, Peter Cohen: flashboards for random vocals.

EPILOGUE Fifty cents worth of plastic, hell we spent thirty bucks on wine tonight! Chip thinks we need to massage these liner notes another year, but thank God we weren't taping this. The footnote would include all the weirdisms, and that would fill a book. We'd be explaining Steve Nash, electronic whorehouse, electrolux, Electronic Music Box, Cal Arts, ice eggbeater, Don Sickler, basically all of Chip's stories. Even the winning the "Punt, Pass and Kick" one, where he wins the pigskin jacket. Looks like Velveeta stays in until after dessert.....

"We saw the future, we knew how it would smell, we got it out of our system and we got upwind before it stank".

-Chip Chapman, 1995.


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